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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Goodnight, Ms. America

Isn't it kind of funny how my heart always breaks on balconies?
Isn't it kind of funny how I'm putting this on myself? And we say
Fuck a rhyme scheme bitch, I did it for my own good.
Fuck your shitty attitude, I'm rolling in my own hood.
With my goons and my weed, and my phone, and my keys,
And my wallet's empty. ATM, don't tempt me.
And now we're presenting our thesis on heartbreak,
And I don't understand how much more I can take,
So fuck it. I'm leaving by myself to get high.
I've never been in love but somehow I get by.
Goodnight, Ms. America, I think of you often.
But if I don't leave now, I'll leave in a coffin.
There's nothing that's stopping this march to the grave,
but the women we loved and the music they made.

Isn't it kind of funny, how you're always fucking wrong?

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