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Thursday, 11 January 2018

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I think I'm gonna start paying for a music streaming service, cuz I don't wanna hear Spotify ads anymore. Should I pick Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music or Tidal?


Spotify are industry pioneers and set the standard for what is possible. I also like their brand better. They have a whole swath of influencers, digital media platforms and other stuff outside of streaming. They seem the most genuine in terms of having roots in the industry.

Apple Music

Apple's losing the battle on a music related front for the first time in a long time. Apple music is compatible with my iPhone/iTunes but since I illegally downloaded my iTunes, will it disappear?

There's no free version so I'm not familiar with the interface. It looks pretty good. Is it nice?

Google Music

I've used this shit before and it sucks haha. Plus the interface hurts my brain.


Tidal is really pushing the community aspect in your face. It has an entire "Athletic" type platform where you sign up to get quality journalism. Which is a cool idea

Just from the looks and what I've heard, I'm suspicious as all hell, but I wanna bump this one Jay-Z record on repeat.

Which one do you use? Is it worth it to switch from Spotify? Should I even pay for this shit? 

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