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Monday, 21 January 2013

TILT: Rescuer- With Time Comes the Comfort (1/21/13)

Artist: Rescuer
Album: With Time Comes the Comfort
Label: Rise Records (2013)
Key Jams: "Shame", "Locked Inside"

The Skinny: Rescuer are a "melodic hardcore" band from Tampa, Florida. Their press releases describes them as (I'm paraphrasing here) "reminiscent of early 2000's screamo like Silverstein, but with the passion and drive of bands like Envy and Pg. 99." However, I feel like that description is both inaccurate and cringeworthy, so I came up with my own: "Rescuer sounds like a cross between Pianos Become the Teeth and Modern Life is War, played by dudes who are definitely still into Rise-core, but don't want to admit it for fear of losing punk points." This is their first full length.

Pros: Really unique amalgamation of "tr00" hardcore with elements of whatever you call For the Fallen Dreams, etc.
Cons: Songs get a little boring/formulaic at times, very heavily indebted to its influences.

The Verdict: Quite a pleasant surprise.

To be honest, when I first read Rescuer's description on Punknews I threw up in my mouth a little bit; but in the name of journalistic objectivity, I figured I'd give them a shot anyways. I'm glad I did, because With Time Comes the Comfort is worth a listen or two. If I may speculate on the band's formation for a moment -- I wouldn't be surprised to hear these dudes were in swoop-haired bands together like two years ago, until one of the guitarists heard Travels, decided he'd seen the light, and recruited four of the most competent musicians he could find to start a "serious hardcore band." I say this because, despite the Rescuer's best efforts, With Time... has undeniable structural parallels to Rise-core. (Let's get real here guys, those "atmospheric" parts are way more reminiscent of Like Moths to Flames than Pianos Become the Teeth.)

That ain't no dis though. In fact, I think this album would have benefited on more than one occasion from some clean singing/heavy ass breakdowns to stir up the monotony of "youth-crew beat into melodic noodling" formula they have a tendency to rely on when they're out of ideas. Still, when these dudes show their true colours they have the ability to create some pretty interesting music, and I wouldn't be surprised if With Time... makes it into my listening rotation. Furthermore, I look forward to hearing the record Rescuer makes in a year when they realize the dudes on the B9 board pose just as hard as the scene kids they've turned their backs on.

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